Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back again

It has been a long time, but surgery took more out of me than I expected. And besides that I got a little bit lazy from all that sitting around. And since I'm expected to take it easy there is not much to talk about. But I'm on the mend and in a few weeks I should be ready to tackle all the jobs that stare me in my face. But I have done some knitting and managed to get these socks done. The pattern is out the the book Sock innovation by Cookie A, my favorite knitting book. The patterns are challenging and fun to figure out. The yarn is by Socks That Rock and the socks are modelled by Jeanette. Next week I should have another pair finished. We have had a lot of rain and some hot weather, so everything is growing fast, including the weeds. Not being able to do any gardening is frustrating. The roses are doing great, despite my lack of care. Last year this climber did not even have one rose. I pruned it back in the spring that time. This year I let it be and there are roses galore. Besides knitting I have been doing a lot of reading. I love reading, but I'm getting to the point, where I a little less would be fine. And as you can see I did not forget about quilting. With all this extra time on my hands I decided, that it was finally time to finish my crazy block quilt. I had been making one block a year and have just finished the last block. Since all my "stuff" is all over anyway, I started with the border. I should have pictures next week. I wanted to have a border of black velvet and found just what I needed in Hamilton. I have set myself a daily quota and hope to have the whole quilt done by the end of the summer. I'm getting itchy to start a new landscape. Tomorrow we have our last quilt meeting of the eyar. It is our yearly business meeting, followed by a short program.The 3 members of our guild, who went to Japan will show pictures and our "stash" My part will be the pictures.
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