Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back from Japan

I have been back for a few days and it took me a while to get back in a routine. 13 hours sitting on a plane is a long time! I tried to update my blog yesterday, but Blogger would not upload my pictures. But today it seems to work. I had a wonderful time in Japan. The weather co-operated and we did see a lot of things. I have not gone through my 750 pictures yet, but that will come. And all my fabric purchases are spread out on my sewing table.I have to show them of to Jeanette this coming week-end before I will put them away.Japan is known for its cherry blossoms and I did take a picture of these blossoms on the last day of our tour in an old garden, right beside the Tokyo Dome.This tree was a 4 season cherry tree according to our tour guide. There were not many blossoms in January, but enough to take this picture. On Sunday we took a trip to Mount Fuji and again we were in luck. The weather was beatiful and we had a great view from the visitor center. There was snow on the ground, but it was very mild. Later on in the day, the clouds moved in and when we were on the other side of the mountain it was covered in clouds. There is a lot to tell, but first I have to get everything organized. We had a great group of 16 and a tour guide, who went beyond the call of duty. This picturebelow was taken on a back street in Kyoto. These geishas were coming out of a restaurant after performing a tea ceremony we were told. In the coming weeks I will tell more about this fabulous trip. And yes, we did see the quilts at the quilt show. And those too, were fabulous.
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