Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One of my favorite auctions

The Amish Parochial School Auction was last Saturday and I would not miss that if at all possible. Laurence and I both went and each has his /her day figured out. I head for the tent with the pies first, so I can get my choice. They are delicious and not pricey.It is not unusal to see people walk away with 6 or more pies. They keep well in the freezer, though I did not get quite that many.At the same time Laurence got our bidding number. I took the pies back to the car and first things first.... a visit to the horses next. Where else can you see about 100 buggy horses, all lined up. This picture could have been taken a hundred years ago. But that are not the only horses. About 200 are being sold and these range from big Clydes to smaller ponies. Most of them are standing around hay wagons and I did not see many arguments. From there it was only a short walk to my next stop....the tent where the quilts are being sold. I had gone over on Friday afternoon and asked if I could see the quilts. Everybody else was still setting up, but the quilts were all ready to go. This way I could take my time looking at the ones that were of interest to me. This year there were around 120, from small baby quilts to king size ones. The one in this picture was the top of the auction and brought $1300.It was all hand appliqued and had a beautiful design. There was one for $1000, the rest were lower. I did end up with quilt 108 ( yes I sat through them all) It is a lone star in beiges, dark red and very dark blue. It is 110 by 96 inches and suits the room. Once that job was done, it was time to eat and there was no shortage of food. Sausage on a bun seemed to be the favorite. And it is the only place I know of, where there is a different line for each flavor of icecream. Laurence had watched the different auctions and had just about enough ,so after a short visit to the horse auction we went back home. I know, that next year we will be back. It is the place to meet family, friends and neighbours.
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