Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guild challenge

Yesterday was the last meeting for our guild. There was only an evening, business meeting and at times there are not too many members attending. Since our guild show is in September the show committee decided to make the challenge due yesterday. It seemd to work. There were lots of people and 20 small quilts. It had to be about an Idiom. I did start on one, but figured out, that it was more a saying then an idiom, so it was back to the drawing board. When I found the piece of fabric with the cows I knew what I was going to make. This is my interpretation of "Wait...till the cows come home" It is fused and machine embroidered/quilted. It was a fun and fast project. There were some amazing quilts and all so very different. The quilts were collected and we will see them again, hanging at the show. The evening was a lot ot fun, with food, doorprizes and then of course the business part. I needed a few cards and today was the day to make them .I love to make these kimono's and made these 2 even a little smaller, so the cards will go into a 6 by 9 inch evelope. The third card is made with 3d flowers I had on hand. Each time I teach a workshop making flowers I keep the samples and somewhere along the line I find a use for them. I like to find something for the back that complements with the front. For the red kimono I found a black and red fabric with goldfish. The card with flowers has pansies on the back and the green kimono has a piece of silk on the back. I seem to be a magnet for "strange" fabrics. Yesterday at the guild meeting I was asked if I could use some Asian fabrics. It turned out to be a big bag full of Japanese silks, silk scarves, a ikat belt with woven fish and some heavy Chinese silks. This green on the back of the card came from one of the pieces.
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