Thursday, May 21, 2009

Frisian Quilt

Yesterday was our guild meeting and I managed to take both papercut quilt tops along. Here is the "small" one about 70 by 70 inches. Except for 2 blocks I can use for labels and one that did not meet the size requirements all the blocks have been used. One that was not centered I used for making a pillow to keep these 2 tops in. I think the members liked it . Since I did not want to stay for both meetings a friend showed them in the evening and took them home. She also will take them with her to Quilt Canada in Saskatoon next week. I will give a power point presentation there with as subject the quilts I have coordinated for the Mennonite Relief Sale over the years. Those quilts are gone and since I want to be able to show at least something I was in a hurry to get these 2 new ones done. Growing up I in Friesland I never knew what a quilt was. Last fall I learned about a quilt show at the Frisian Museum in Leeuwarden. I also found out, that there were antique quilts around.I would have loved to go, but it did not suit. I did buy the book and in it I found a Frisian quilt made around 1780. The fabrics were the old fashioned Dutch printed cottons. Lately they have been reproduced by DE Haan and Wagemakers from Amsterdam. I had bought some a few years ago, but since they were pricey I waited for a special occasion to use them And this was IT. I make up a pattern and sewed the top together. I barely had enough fabrics, but it all worked out. Here is a close-up of some of the fabrics. Some are very familiar, since they are used in Frisian costumes also. Before coming to Canada I did make my own Frisian costume and the fabric looked something like this, except I got it in the "cheap" store for a few dollars. The quality was far from these fabrics. At that time it was all I could afford. It looked fine. I took it with me to Canada, but after a few years I realized that I had never worn it, so I took it back and gave it away. Now I regret it.
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