Friday, June 23, 2006

Farm sign

For a few days we had computer problems. We tried to fix it ourselves, but seemed to lack the necessary skills, so we had to take it into town. But it is working again. A few things were added and changed and it will take a while for me to catch on to it all. We always have liked the wooden farm signs made by Brenda at 15 years ago, when she had not been in business too long, we decided to let her make a sign for our farm. It had to include the farm name and an old John Deere tractor. The 60 on the sign was the first antique tractor my husband bought. At that time I made wheat weavings, using our own wheat, so a few stalks were added. We made room for some scrubs and for quite a few years it looked very good. Slowly the scrubs took over and the sign faded, so last year we took it down. While Brenda repainted the sign we took all the scrubs out with tractor and loader and added some topsoil.Last fall I planted lots of daffodils and transplanted hosta's from around the house. This will be the year for them to show their stuff. If not up to snuf they will come out. Friend of ours,, live close by. They have thousands of hosta's in all shapes and sizes for sale and it is almost too easy to go and get some. With all this nice weather it seems that quilting is on the back burner for the time being. I'm working on a pieced bed quilt,but there is not enough done to show you.

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